Time for a break

One thing you will quickly learn is that I absolutely love to travel and see new places. Ive been so lucky to visit some breath taking destinations, Barbados being my absolute fave! Over the last year I’ve stuck to travelling inside the UK and wow do we have some bloody stunning destinations on our doorstep! I have a travel bucket list that I’m slowly working through and I’m so excited to share my adventures with you lovelies.
John and I just got back from a short break in Devon and I have to recommend this beautiful place for all you couples or even you single independent babes… perfect for anyone in need of a time out from life really. We booked a gorgeous little beach hut with a hot tub (Darwin Escapes – Beach Cove Coastal Retreat, Ilfracombe). The location is breathtaking, all the beach huts are on the cliff side of a stunning beach cove which means you get an amazing view from wherever you’re staying and can hear the sound of waves crashing which was pure bliss! Our four days were spent lazing more than exploring which was just what we needed. The accommodation we stayed in was the Cairnwood Premier which was lush, only downfall the shower is quite small – massive struggle for a bit of a chunk like myself! The cleanliness was excellent, great views, super comfy bed, well maintained hot tub. Little extras like blankets, playing cards and board games were provided which was great for the cold windy nights in drinking my old faithful Hendricks gin. We got a load of booze in from Tesco and literally spent every night plastered in the hot tub.. classy I know! We managed to get to a pub just down the road for a gorgeous meal one evening (The Old Sawmills Inn) definitely recommend there, I had one of the best steaks I’ve ever had – pub grub type of place but brilliant service and great food. The local town is about a thirty minute walk away or just a five minute drive (about £4 for a taxi so you can have a few vinos). Lots of lovely places to eat and drink – Fore Street has some amazing restaurants which are definitely worth checking out, a bit on the pricey side but we all deserve a treat every now and again right?!

I feel so refreshed after my break and I’m already planning the next adventure. Holidays and mini breaks are so rejuvenating, so no matter what you do or where you go it’s  important to take some time out and appreciate life. Go and get booking, you deserve it!


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