Lots of love London

The events that took place in Westminster, London this evening are utterly heartbreaking. Just watching some of the live footage and reports has me in tears, I feel genuine despair for the victims, onlookers and residents of London.

I get so angry and frustrated when I try and fathom why these ‘extremists’ do what they do. Something like this is completely out of anyone’s control but our emergency services dealt with it amazingly. I have nothing but admiration and pride for the people that work everyday to protect us as a country.

It’s hard to sit back and watch things like this as you feel so helpless but I for one won’t let this stop me from living. Yes it’s a scary world and we don’t know what’s around the corner but why on earth should we put our lives on hold for these ‘people’! My brother is cabin crew and I worry sick about him when he’s travelling but he’s doing what he loves and having the time of his life doing it. I have faith that there are more good people than bad in this world, so continue to live life to the full and take care of the people around you.



1 thought on “Lots of love London”

  1. Well said. There are far more good people in this world than bad ones, and while morons kill or injure many, there’s always a lot more people running to help the hurt ones, or willing to bear witness to the crimes committed. We need to remember that, and not lose faith in ourselves and our neighbours world-wide.

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